14 Other Ways to Say Thank you both

Are you attempting to determine if something is feasible but find yourself needing to inquire first? Maybe you’re concerned that ...

Are you attempting to determine if something is feasible but find yourself needing to inquire first?

Maybe you’re concerned that the phrase “thank you both” might not be the most professional way to express gratitude.


Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out more. This article will show you how to professionally express gratitude for multiple people when you need it.

Other Ways to Say “Thank You Both”

When you want to convey appreciation to two individuals simultaneously, there are numerous alternative phrases that can effectively communicate your gratitude. Below are 14 different ways to express “thank you both” in various contexts:

1. “Thanks to both of you”
2. “I am grateful to you both”
3. “Appreciate both of you”
4. “I extend my thanks to you both”
5. “The two of you have my gratitude”
6. “My thanks go to both of you”
7. “Grateful to you both”
8. “I appreciate you both”
9. “Thank you to both of you”
10. “Both of you have my thanks”
11. “I am thankful to you both”
12. “Thank you, both of you”
13. “My gratitude to both of you”
14. “I want to express my appreciation to you both”

Each of these phrases can be tailored to suit the specific context in which you want to express your gratitude. Using different variations can add depth and sincerity to your thank-you message.

In addition to these alternatives, there are other ways to express gratitude to two people, such as saying “Thanks to you both” or “I’m thankful to both of you,” which can also effectively convey your appreciation.

Why it’s Important to Use Polite Expressions

Expressing gratitude in a polite and respectful manner is important in various social and professional settings. When you thank two individuals, whether in a personal or professional context, using appropriate, respectful language is crucial for maintaining a positive and courteous relationship.


Q: Can I use “Thanks, both of you” to express gratitude to two people?
A: Yes, “Thanks, both of you” is a valid and polite way to convey gratitude to multiple individuals.

Q: Are there any other phrases to express thanks to both individuals?
A: Yes, there are many different ways to express gratitude to two people. The key is to use language that conveys your appreciation sincerely and respectfully.


In conclusion, there are numerous professional and polite ways to express gratitude to two individuals. Whether in a personal or professional setting, choosing the right phrase to convey your appreciation for both individuals is essential for maintaining positive relationships. By using the alternatives listed above, you can effectively communicate your gratitude to two people while maintaining a respectful and courteous tone.

Don’t hesitate to share this article with others who may find it helpful. Encouraging your friends and colleagues to use professional and polite language when expressing gratitude can enhance communication and strengthen relationships.

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